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Armenian Currency and Prices

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Whether you are a tourist or in a long or short business trip, it is always useful to have some preliminary idea about the currency of the host country before you visit. In order to understand how much you can spend on products or services in Armenia, or what is the cash value of...

Walking Route in Yerevan

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First time in Armenia? Wish to explore the city and don’t know where to start? Here is your cheat sheet! Grigor Lusavorich church You can start your tour from Grigor Lusavorich church, which is located in Yervand Kochar street. The church was built by Catholicos Vazgen the...

World’s Oldest Shoe Found in Armenia

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  One more time in a history world’s attention was driven into the small mountainous country located in Eastern Europe. The reason was the ancient shoe found in one of the villages of Armenia. The shoe, which was found in September 2008 in Areni village, dates back to...

7 of the Unique Armenian Traditions

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1.  February 13 – Trndez Trndez is a holiday with pagan origin and was originally dedicated to Mihr or Tyr, the gods of fire and knowledge, respectively. It was connected with sun/fire worship in ancient pre-Christian Armenia, symbolizing the coming of the spring and...

Yerevan City Bus Tours

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Want to explore Yerevan and tired of walking? Don’t feel like rambling around city streets and scraggly listing map sheets? Wish to know how Yerevan looks from above? Thought of enjoying your soft drink and admire with beautiful sights of Yerevan? Here is your option! The...

Hiking to the Northern Kingdom of Armenia

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Our today’s target will be the northern peak of  four-vertex Aragats mountain, which is located on the border of Shirak and Aragatsotn regions. Following this route you will climb the Mount  from the side of Geghadzor village. This is considered a non-traditional route...

4 Wineries of Armenia

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Armenia is a small, landlocked country, located at the southern end of the Eurasian Caucasus. Since Noah’s times the inhabitants of Armenia cultivated wineyards and squizzed the most possible from the land and the fruitage. Among all other achievements Armenians pride...

7 most Beautiful Monasteries in Armenia

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Armenia is a home to a complex culture and some of the world’s greatest religious shrines. While planning your trip to Armenia, you will definitely think of including some of the heritages of Armenia’s culture, the bright examples of which are our world famous...

Annual Festivals in Armenia

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During last few years Armenia has developed a strategy of outlining its cultural or traditional events and food peculiarities through festivals. Each year a new unique festival is added to the list of existing ones causing creativity and innovations. The interest among locals and...

7 Tastes of Armenia

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Need to visit a country where you will be indulged into an infinite world of goluptious flavors and toothsome dishes? Enjoy the ethnic environment together with sapid substances of traditional cuisine? So welcome to Armenia! Armenia is a place even for a most whimsy gourmand...

The Legends of Ara Mount

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Ara Mountain is located in the north-eastern border of Kotayk and Aragatsotn regions. Mountain’s height is 2577 m. The origin of the name sprang up on behalf of one of the mythological Gods of Ancient Armenia, Ara the Beautiful. Ara Mountain is only 40 kilometers away from...

7 Adrenilin-Risers in Armenia

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During your google search about Armenia you faced with lot of monasteries and churches? You read about tolma and barbecue? While wandering back and forth on the map you came across with mountains, lakes and uncountable hiking routes? You thought Armenia is all about history and...

Spitakavor, Proshaberd and the History Within Them

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The route is located in the Region of Vayots Dzor. To get to the starting point of the route, you need to drive from Yerevan to Vernashen village, from where you will start hiking toward Spitakavor church (14th century). On the way back you can visit Gladzor museum in Vernashen...

Route of the Godess

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When you think that there is nothing more among “must see” places to discover in the world, remember there is this village and ancient pagan temple hidden in the deep valleys of Armenia. Route description This route is located in the border regions of Kotayk and...

Armenian Adventures

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Wish to dip into the everlasting enjoyments, feel the magic of flora and the power of fauna and merge with the breeze of wild winds? This is the route that will take you directly to the above mentioned pleasure den. Route description There are unexplored places on Earth which...