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Armenian Currency and Prices

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Whether you are a tourist or in a long or short business trip, it is always useful to have some preliminary idea about the currency of the host country before you visit.
In order to understand how much you can spend on products or services in Armenia, or what is the cash value of this or that monetary unit, we have made this special article with visual appearances and appropriate values of each unit.
According to the online reviews in different forums, Armenia is in the list of the most affordable countries of the worrld.
So let’s see what is the difference between Armenia and rest of the world in terms of prices.

Armenian money is called Dram. Like any other country we have coins and banknotes. The first series of Armenian coins was introduced in 1994 including the smallest amount Luma. The second series was introduced in 2004 and excluded Lumas. The only coin unit since 1994 that remained in circulation till now is 10 AMD.
The first series of banknotes was issued in November 1993. It was withdrawn from circulation by 2005. The second series was issued from 1998 which is still in use at present.

10 Drams

10 AMD almost equals to 0.020 USD. Being the smallest unit, it is not of a great value and the only thing you will buy with it is the single match, that hasn’t changed its price for the last 20 years. 🙂 We have two types of this coins both of which are in use and are made of aluminum alloy. The coin has been used since 1994 and on the obverse side there is the Armenian Coat of Arms.



20 Drams

20 AMD almost equals to 0.04 USD. It is the second smallest unit of Armenian Drams. There is nothing among products corresponding to this price, except 2 matches. :)It is made of copper plated steel and has the Armenian Coat of Arms on the obverse side. It has been in the circulation since 2004.

50 Drams

50 AMD equals to 10 cents. There are few thing with this price: a single chewing gum, or a balloon, disposable plates or cups. Usually this coin has the Armenian Coat of Arms on the obverse side, but the new editions have also come with cultural monuments like Khor Virap, a prominent Armenian monastery, or Sanahin monastery, as well as famous statues of Yerevan. The coin has been released in 2003 and is made of brass plated steel.

100 Drams

100 AMD equals to 20 cents. What can you do in Armenia with 100 AMD? First of all you can transfer from one place to another using public transportation inside the city. Both minibuses and metro will cost you 100 AMD per seat, per way and you will have the advantage to use them from early morning till late at night.  The smallest size of bread, pies, cookies, a bottle of water, cold coffee or tea in supermarkets can also be bought for 100 AMD. It is made of nickel plated steel and on the obverse side has the Armenian Coat of Arms.

200 Drams

200 AMD equals to 40 cents. It is enough to buy soft drinks, yogurt, big size bread, candies, cookies, pack of chewing gum, pocket napkins wet or dry, round trip metro tickets, etc. It is in circulation since 2003 and is made of alloy of copper, aluminum and nickel. Like most of the coins it has the Coat of Arms from back.

500 Drams

500 Drams is the closest equivalent of 1 American dollar. It has a very unique design being made of different subtracts. The inner ring is a mixture of copper and nickel, the outer ring is an alloy of copper, aluminum and nickel. The best example of what you can buy with 500 AMD in Armenia will be either a regular pack of cigarette or a bottle of bear. A pack of rise, pasta, 1 kg of sugar, a milk, 6 eggs or a good candy bar will also be possible to buy with 500 AMD. You can order a portion of french fries in some cafes or have an ice cream in the ice cream shop. It is in use since 2003 and the coat of Arm covers only the inner ring of the coin.

1000 Drams

The banknote equivalent to 1000 AMD is almost equal to 2 American Dollars. It will be enough to buy a Shawarma and a coke. 🙂 The front page represents a picture of old Yerevan and on obverse side famous Armenian writer Yeghishe Charets is pictured. It was issued on 1999.

5000 Drams

The banknote equivalent to 5000 AMD is almost equal to 10 American Dollars. A regular hostel with or without breakfast can be booked for this amount in Yerevan (per night per person). Among entertainment activities you can afford playing a bowling for an hour with 5000 AMD. On the front page you can see the picture of another prominent Armenian writer Hovhannes Toumanyan. The obverse side introduces a landscape from Lori from Martiros Saryan’s paintings. The banknote was issued on 2000.

10000 Dram

The banknote equivalent to 10000 AMD is almost equal to 20 American Dollars. In the front page is the image of Avetik Isahakyan: a writer, story teller and a great Armenian poet. The obverse side is introduced through the glimpse of second largest Armenian city-Gyumri. The banknote is in use since late 2003.

20000 Drams

The banknote equivalent to 20000 AMD is almost equal to 50 American Dollars. First page is covered with the image of famous Armenian painter Martiros Saryan, and the opposite side is introduced through an episode from his Armenia landscape. It was released on late 2003.

50000 Drams

The banknote equivalent to 50000 AMD is almost equal to 100 American Dollars. On the first page you will see the Ejmiatsin Cathedral and symbols of Christianity. The obverse side is represented through the scene of St. Gregory the Illuminator and king Tiridates who rise up the Armenian Church and on the right you will notice a khachkar from Kecharis Monastery. The banknote was issued in 2001.

100000 Drams

The banknote equivalent to 100.000 AMD is almost equal to 200 American Dollars. It the most recent released edition among all banknotes. The front page is represented by the picture of historical Armenian ruler Abgar V of the Edessa, and on the backward you will see a scene from bible, where St. Thaddeus transfers the painting of Jesus Christ (painted alive) to Abgar V of Edessa. The banknote was released on 2009.

The modern dram came into effect on 22 November 1993, 1 USD being equal to 404 AMD.
Now  1 USD  equals to 492 AMD. (Feb 2016) The dram is  the official currency of the Republic of Armenia and is used solely in Armenia and Nagorno Kharabagh.

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