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4 Wineries of Armenia

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Armenia is a small, landlocked country, located at the southern end of the Eurasian Caucasus. Since Noah’s times the inhabitants of Armenia cultivated wineyards and squizzed the most possible from the land and the fruitage. Among all other achievements Armenians pride themselves with the traditional wine making techniques and their being the owners of the world’s oldest wine.
The village that is best known for his wine making traditions is Areni situated in the southwest of Armenia. While exploring caves in Areni in 2011 the archaeologists uncovered a wine press, storage vessels, cups, shriveled grape vines and cultivated seeds which dated back as far as 6000 years.
Armenian wine is made from a mix of local grapes and  the process of making it completely differs from those in Europe.


For centuries wine in Armenia was produced using the same painstaking methods, and stored in the traditional karas—a ceramic vessel that is still employed to this day.

The peculiarity of Armenian Wine is that you feel what you can not express in words.
– Charles Aznavour

A quick overview about Armenia’s wineries will give you a clear idea about Armenia’s wine making history.

Armenia Wine

Armenia Wine factory is located in Sasunik village in Aragatsotn and covers 50.000 square feet area. The entire process from grape selection to wine profuction is performed here. Armenia Wine’s sales area network covers the whole RA territory.

The address:
Nor Sasunik, Aragatsotn Region, Armenia

How to get there:
*Take Paronyan St and Victory Bridge to Athens St
*Take M1 and drive toward Ashtarak
*Pass Ashtarak and turn left in 3 minutes
*Arrive Sasunik

Drive from Ashtarak Highway/AH81/E117/M1 andM3 to Sasunik

Armenia Wine

Armenia Wine

Areni Winery

Areni Wine Factory is a local landmark, producing large quantities of local Areni Wine. The factory was founded on the initiative of The Simonians in the Areni village of Vayots Dzor province with the aim of continuing and enriching ancestral wine making traditions. Since 1994 it has represented to the world number of remarkable wines made of different sorts of grapes.  Annually 250,000 bottles are produced in Areni , the half are exported to Russia.

The address:
Areni village, Vayots Dzor

How to get there:

* Take Artashat highway toward Vedi
* Take H8 up to Aralez village
* Pass Urtsadzor, Shaghap, Lusashogh, Zangakatun, Chiva And Rind villages
* Arrive Areni
Areni Wine Series

Areni Wine Series

Armas Winery

Golden Grape ArmAs was founded in 2007 by Armenak Aslanian, who repatriated to his motherland for the realization of goals that involve the intertwined aspects of family, heritage, culture, and progress, with personal values and responsibilities he maintains as a father, an entrepreneur, and as an Armenian. Alongside his daughters, he preserves an 80-year-old family tradition of wine, naming ArmAs in honor of his grandfather Armenak Aslanian Sr., the original winemaker in the family. He continues to develop ArmAs Estate with a vision to partake in upholding and revitalizing Armenia’s winemaking legacy, in the oldest known area for viticulture and enology.
The series of Armas wines are available in most of the supermarkets, hotels, cafes and restaurant’s and pubs of Yerevan.

The address:

Golden Grape ArmAs, LLC
Nor Yedesia, Aragatsotn Province
Legal Address: 18 Aram Khachatryan, 61 apt., Yerevan, RA, 0015
Office Phone: +374 11 773774
For sales and inquiries: +374 99 009262, +374 55 030442

How to get there:

* Take Ashtarak highway toward Gyumri
* Pass Udjan village
* On arrival at Nor Yedesia village sign, turn left
* Pass under the arch, then take the left turn again
* Continue straight until you see ArmAs poster on your right
* Turn right and take the red sand road straight to ArmAs Estate gates
Armas Wine

Armas Wine

Zorah Winery

Zorah founder – Zorik Gharibian moved to Armenia from Italy in 1998. After long examinations of the ground, territory and grapes he decided to establish his winery in Rind village. The first product was released in 2010 and immediately got world’s attention being marked as one of the 10 best wines in the world.  Today the Karasi Areni Noir is the winery’s only wine that is available for purchase. It is exported to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, the US, the Baltic states, and Russia, and will soon be sold also in Australia and Greece. Among these countries, Gharibian considers the sale to Italy his personal victory. In Armenia, the wine is sold in specialized shops and in a few restaurants, where one bottle costs $80.
In Armenia it is only available in “Noah’s House” sales network.

The Address:

Rind village, Armenia

How to get there:

* Take Artashat highway toward Vedi
* Take H8 up to Aralez village
* Pass Urtsadzor, Shaghap, Lusashogh, Zangakatun and Chiva villages
* Arrive Rind
Karasi by Zorah

Karasi by Zorah

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