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The Legends of Ara Mount

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Ara Mountain is located in the north-eastern border of Kotayk and Aragatsotn regions. Mountain’s height is 2577 m. The origin of the name sprang up on behalf of one of the mythological Gods of Ancient Armenia, Ara the Beautiful.
Ara Mountain is only 40 kilometers away from Yerevan. During spring and summer months the weather is mostly warm and not windy in the slopes of Ara Mountain. The grass is lush, rocks are powerful, and the mountain slopes are mostly peaceful. The road stretches through two rocks.  The mountain is also suitable for Paragliding and is favorable in terms of tourism or hiking in the winter months. Many people come here to ski and enjoy winter landscapes in the Aragatsotn and Kotayk regions. The area is very suitable for rock climbing. Ascent to Mount Ara several other routes can be arranged too.

Ara Mountain

Ara Mountain


On the slopes of mountain there is Tsaghkevank or Virgo Varvara Monastery, which is carved into the rock. Residents of nearby villages come here to celebrate Christian and pagan holidays. There is a source of water in this mossy monastery, which is believed to be useful for healing and vision. The phenomena is explained by the existence of zinc in the spring water. It is useful for vision, diseases of joints and muscle spasms or convulsions case.


The mountain has a rich natural heritage. There are around 650 species of plants. in Spring, in the slopes of Ara Mountain you can meet the therapeutic properties of various colorful flowers and the smell can attract attention from afar. From thaw until late autumn while climbing from the slope to the top, you will see flowers like abundant, snowdrop, yellow and blue bell flowers, hamayil, violet, dark and light colors nunufars. On more dry seasons there are different flowers, including immortelle (used also for medicinal purposes) that can be seen in late autumn, even before the first snow. Chamomile, yellow daffodil, which also have medicinal properties, can be found in the slopes of Mountain.
From mountain slope to the top the area is rich in shrubs and bushes. One of the most useful is the Brier with its large and red fruits, which can meet here from September to March. There are many of the Caucasian pine trees that grow in sunny areas.

Ara Mountain

Ara Mountain


On this shrubs and bushes you are likely to meet brown bears living together with their puppies. They are fed by a wide variety of ants, mice, vitamin-rich juice and other berries.
On the higher parts of the mountains you can meet black snake, green adder, a rocky places, lizards, and rarely rabbits. On the mountain there are also foxes, wolves, squirrels, sparrows, field lark, gray crow, starling, woodpecker and others.

The Legend of Mount Ara

Ara mountain has got the name of the king, who, despite the pressure, did not betray his country. Assyrian queen Semiramis was in love with the Armenian king Ara. Semiramis wanted to connect the two countries, Armenia and Assyria, creating a powerful country, whose head would be standing Ara, as a king, and Semiramis, as a queen. However, the queen of Assyria was not considered an important factor. Armenian king Ara already had a wife, his beloved Nuard, his home, child, military, homeland.
Ara denies Semiramis offer and the latest tries to forcibly get Ara. A war starts between two countries. During the war Ara falls on the battlefield and Semiramis, not admitting the fact that Ara has died orders to put his body on top of the mountain, where Aralezes will lick the wounds and revive him. According to legend, Ara is still lying there. That is why the mountain is named Ara, where also would be the unknown Tomb of King Ara. Interestingly, when we look to the mountain from the city side, it looks like a man is lying through the lenght of the mountain.
The Legend of Tsaghkevank or Virgo Varvara’s Monastery
According to the Vatican, the Holy Varvara probably mythically exists like St. Christopher, and if not, then either was killed by his father for adopting Christianity or captured by angels.


During mountain climbing mobile signals are always available. In case of an accident, there is the 911 service.

Route technical parameters

The best time for this route is from April to October
Bottle of water is strongly recommended to have during hiking period.

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