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7 Adrenilin-Risers in Armenia

During your google search about Armenia you faced with lot of monasteries and churches? You read about tolma and barbecue? While wandering back and forth on the map you came across with mountains, lakes and uncountable hiking routes? You thought Armenia is all about history and culture? Not really! Armenia is a place of an endless opportunities. It gives you the concept of evolution from Stone Age to Modern Era, it pleases you with its delicious dishes and lash landmarks, but if you are an extreme lover, here is what Armenia can offer for you.

1. Zipline

The first and the only Zipline in Armenia. Being located in one of the most beautiful regions, zipline rises not only the level of adrenaline in your blood, but also grants you an aesthetic pleasure during the whole flight. Worth to see, is a must to try!

Zipline in Armenia


2. Skyball

Since 2014 Armenia has gained a new “Bird” in the sky. The tricolor beauty started maneuvering independently and performed hundreds of successful flights over the lands of Armenia. Shampaign and sweets are served during the flight on high altitudes. Striking scenes of surrounding hills together with Adrenalin push your soul higher and higher giving you the power of freedom and feeling of unlimited possibilities of humankind.



3. Ropeways

The Ropeway in Tatev also called Wings of Tatev is the longest reversible cableway in the world (5752 m), recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Its route lays between Halidzor village and Tatev Monastery in Armenia. The cable car travels at a speed of 37 km (23 mi) per hour. At its highest point over the gorge, the car travels 320 m (1,050 ft) above ground level. It gives you a 12 minutes unforgettable flight above the ravine of the fierce Vorotan River. Once tried, will never be forgotten!


Ropeway in Tatev

The ropeway in Jermuk was built in 2007 in accordance with the international standards functions.  The elevation is from 2100 to 2500 meters above sea level, and the length of alpine skiing track is 2620m.

Ropeway In Jermuk

Ropeway in Jermuk

The ropeway in Tsaghkadzor was constructed by “Leitner” Italian company (2004-2008). The first lift (1137m., carrying capacity – 1200 men/hour) is a 4-seater chair lift; the second is 1458m. long (800 men/hour). The third lift’s length is 1624m with 800 men/hour capacity. The fourth one is 926m long, transporting 800 men in an hour. The second, third and fourth are 2-seater lifts.

Ropeway in Tsaghkadzor

Ropeway in Tsaghkadzor

4. Caves

Three big caves are located in the region of Vayots Dzor – Magili, Archeri (Bear’s), and the smaller Jerovank cave.  All three caves are located within few kilometers of each other, with nearby camping at natural springs, below towering rock formations.
Magili cave is of 1500 meters deep and because of its depth, it holds a constant temperature of 14 degrees centigrade (58 degrees Fahrenheit).
Arjeri (Bears) cave is 3000 meters deep with some of the most spectacular stalactites and stalagmite formations in Europe, and Jerovank is a cave with a pool of spring fed water outside the entrance.  Inside there are series of stalactites that were used as part of  4th millennium BC worship.

Arjeri (Bear's) Cave

Arjeri (Bear’s) Cave


Magili Cave

Magili Cave


Devil's Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

5. Mount climbing

Another awesome yet tricky opportunity for adventure lovers is Mountain climbing tours which is available both in winter and summer. The most popular mountain for this purpose is Mount Aragats, which is situated in Aragatsotn region. It has four summits and different routes to get to each of the summit. The route to Northern peak starts from a beautiful lake called Kari. The Mount has a 4090 meters height and a volcanic origin. 

4 Summits of Mount Aragats

4 Summits of Mount Aragats

6. Skiing

Armenia  has two popular destinations for skiing. Tsaghkadzor is where you can combine 2 of the “Adrenaline risers”- Ropeway and skiing. Skiers and snowboarders can easily switch from one lift of ropeway to another, without taking off their kit, with help of handy platter pulls. They can also enjoy tea or coffee between lifts and rest a little after skiing back and forth.

The other destination is Jermuk. For skiing and snowboarding there are 3km slopes available.  There is one lift taking all skiers up to the starting point with 960 person capacity.  Winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 2,100 and 2,438 m.

Skiing in Tsaxkadzor

Skiing in Tsaghkadzor

7. Paragliding in Armenia

Hold your breath…. get ready…  jump… enjoy!
The breathtaking views, hard-to-describe emotions, exuberant landscapes down your feet fill your soul with an endless power and pride. Until the point of touching the ground, contradictory feelings blow in your mind and then in the ground you are calm, triumphant and overjoyed.

Paragliding in Armenia

Paragliding in Armenia

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