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Armenian Adventures

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Wish to dip into the everlasting enjoyments, feel the magic of flora and the power of fauna and merge with the breeze of wild winds? This is the route that will take you directly to the above mentioned pleasure den.

Route description

There are unexplored places on Earth which represent history, culture, national resources and still remain um conquered. One of these kind of places we hide in Armenia. The region of Aragatson which is situated in the western part of the country.  A heavenly place where perhaps since ancient civilization times people used to come to trade their animals, to exchange goods or sell precious stones silverware. And now, in the 21st century, there is silence: a mysterious silence of the green spaces and dilapidated churches, which are occasionally interrupted by a sound of a light breeze and lovely tweets of various birds.

The starting point of this route is Aparan reservoir, which can be reached by taxi.  The reservoir is located on the left bank of the Poghos-Petros Church. The weather here is favorable for walking throughout the year. The lake and the route that we are going to proceed is located between Aragats and Teghenyats mountain chains. It runs through the fields, lush green meadows, through the forest, and then little by little we reach to the mountain peak (2300 m).
The Way back is from the opposite side of the mountain.


Poghos Petros Church

About Aparan reservoir

Aparan reservoir is a blue, medium altitude mountain lake surrounded by towering snowy peaks, the dense forests, ancient temples and stones. Reservoir has a ground dam, a height of 50 meters and a length of 200 m. In winter it freezes. The endemic fish grown here is Koghak. After the fluid caused by reservoir inhabitants of Kasakh and Zovuni were resettled in the vicinity.
Beneath the waters of the reservoir still remain the ruins of Zovuni, with an important Poghos-Petros church (5th century), Tukh Manuk shrine, and mortuary chapel called by popular tradition the mausoleum of Zoravar Vardan Mamikonian, the heroic loser of the battle of Avarayr. Before the construction of church’s dam together with mausoleum it was moved stone by stone to higher ground of the reservoir. Poghos Petros is a new type of architecture, first example of basilica plan domed hall.
The church remains in the water 3-4 months throughout the year, that is why the eastern wall is demolished.


Aparan Reservoir

About Flora

During the hike you will see a huge coatings of yellow flowers. They’re called Ascension flowers as they bloom in the Ascension Day. You will also see yellow khatutiks, Daisies, blue Anmoruks or or literally translated Forgetmenots, violets of different colors, flowering thorns, which are of unique pharmaceutical importance. This area is rich with edible plants (type of a spinach, nettle, lilies, greens, herbs), which community residents gather in spring months. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you may want to take a small knife with you  and gather mushrooms in April, May and June. Just do not forget to show them anyone from locals to make sure they are not toxic.


In this beautiful meadows, particularly in the area of ​​dilapidated buildings of Aparan reservoir, you can meet reptiles, snakes (viper, adder), lizards, marshy parts, frogs, brown bears, which are found in the mountain forests, hares, wolves, foxes, birds such as forest and field lark, screech owl, quail, goldfinch and many more others.


Flowers of Aragatsotn

Flowers of Aragatsotn

Safety Information

Mobile signals ara available in Aparan reservoir and during climbing Tsaghkunyats mount chains. In case of an accident, there is the 911 service.

Technical parameters of the route

From Yerevan to Aparan reservoir is 1 hour 30 minutes driving
From Yerevan to Aparan reservoir is 65 km
Swimming in Aparan reservoir is not prohibited, but it is intended for irrigation
Above sea level fluctuation, 1833-2300m -1862 m
It is strongly recommended to take water with you.

As the route passes through forests, for safety reasons it is recommended to take a guide with you.

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