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Armenia – Hiker’s Heaven

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In today’s digital age, we spend lot of time staring at our computer screens and phones. Watching digitized tours, traveling virtually, and reading about picturesque places, adventurous hikes, we endlessly dream about exploring the world.

What we need instead of this sedentary life is to get out of all these technological labyrinths and simply walk through the random path or join the random group to spend couple of days close to nature and far from the city hassle.

Among other advantages that hiking covers is that it gets your heart pumping and muscles moving. It helps reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers.  Hiking allows you to explore nature, set aside everyday stresses and demands and stimulates the feel-good chemical hormones of adrenaline and endorphin to boost your mood and energy level. Further, group hiking allows you to socialize and improve relationships with those around you.


As a hiker you are lucky if you are born in Armenia or at least have the chance to visit Armenia for hiking purposes, because Armenia is a rich place of mountains, hospitable people, who are there for you from your smallest challenge to the biggest adventure. It has breathtaking views and natural masterpieces like in Dilijan, glorious waterfalls like in Shaki, Jermuk and Trchkan, and many more ancient chapels to explore on your way to spiritual satisfaction.


The Guard of Dilijan Forest

Armenia offers you unforgettable hiking opportunities throughout the year. In winter, snowy paths, frozen breath and gradually challenging weather are a real trial for a new hiker, but it’s evenly enjoyable for both the experienced ones and tenderfoots, who can conquer the three highest peaks of Armenia – Aragats (4096 m), Ajdahak (3 597m) and Khustup (3,212 m) in a week.

winter hikes, mountain climbing

During one of Skiing Tours by Natoura

Trekking, camping, rock climbing, navigating, trailing and mountaineering are all available during your hikes in Armenia. You walk through the forests, lands, mountains, hills, canyons, kloofs, spend roofless nights, have fun chats around campfire, overcome challenges, you feel the support of your teammates who become your best friends in a minute and feel that in the age of technology you revealed the secret of real merits of life.

Hiking in Dilijan, you will meet many epoch-making churches hidden in dense forests almost lost in “clouds”; hiking in Jermuk, you will also enjoy the fresh breeze of the clattering waterfall; hiking in Ijevan, you will pass through Lastiver, where you will wonder how a human could play so gently with the nature, hiking in Tatev you will pass through enigmatic Devil’s Bridge and reach to magnificent Tatev Moonastery or hiking in Garni you will admire with the ancient Pagan temple and the Simphony of Stones.



Symphony of Stones in Garni

In a word Armenia offers more than you need as a hiker. Once you visit you will get a line of cool memories not enough to remember during a whole lifetime. Armenia is a real heaven for hikers!